Marine Megatropolis: Stewardship Alternatives Other-Than-Oil For the Offshore Oil Platforms

Where: Faulkner Gallery, Santa Barbara Public Library, 40 E Anapamu St Santa Barbara, CA 93101

When:  March 29, 2018, 6:00-8:30 pm

The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum and the Santa Barbara Public Library invite you to kick off Earth Day 2018 Celebrations with a photographic journey beneath the offshore oil platforms of the Santa Barbara Channel, where marine life finds sanctuary to thrive.

What we see on the horizon are a string of industrial monoliths that light up the evening sea like Christmas trees. What lies below is a Megatropolis of Marine Life – a multi-generational community that is among the most productive ecosystems in the world, and, that for the more than 50 years has contributed to the bio-productivity of the California Channel Islands and the Santa Barbara Channel.

Your Guide: Santa Barbara Underwater Photographer Bob Evans, who from 1974-1981 was given carte blanche access to photo-document this ecosystem as it developed. Also included in your photo tour are aquaculture programs, abalone and scallop habitats hanging below Platforms Holly, Hope and “B”. These may have been the first alternative uses of offshore oil

Be inspired to imagine new opportunities for ocean adventure and exploration:

  • An open water surf park operating from Platform Holly, generating electricity using waves or currents.
  • A crystal clear, open water elevator shuttling tourists from the top of platform to its seafloor bottom.
  • Bring your own ideas. Ask our panel of experts.

The program will conclude with our panel of experts joining Bob Evans to answer your questions. They are:

 Holly Lohuis, Ocean Futures Society, who along with Jean Michel Cousteau has dove into every ocean of the world.

Milton Love, Ph.D., Research Biologist at the UCSB Marine Science Institute, who for the past 22 years has carried out surveys of the fish and invertebrate populations living on offshore oil platforms and natural reefs throughout the southern California Bight.

Marc McGinnes, environmental activist and pioneer, founding member of the Community Environmental Council, Environmental Defense Center and the Environmental Studies Program at UCSB.

Linda Palmer, the first woman to graduate from UC Irvine in Environmental and Civil Engineering, after which she was hired by Chevron USA as a Research Engineer, tasked with establishing programs for Chevron’s offshore compliance with the recently implemented Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). She was the first woman to work offshore, and her arrival precipitated installation of bathroom doors for rig accommodations. She retired as Chief Oil & Gas Engineer for Southern California, charged with environmental management across the board for the offshore oil platforms.

Linda was instrumental in granting access to Bob Evans and his team, and to establishing innovative offshore programs.

Attendees will receive a ticket for free admission to the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, where Marine Megatropolis (1974-1981) Photos by Bob Evans is on Exhibit through May 13, 2018.  Refreshments will be served.

The mission of the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum is to preserve and celebrate the maritime heritage of the California Coast and present it to the public in an interesting and exciting way.

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